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How to Build a Garden Path

11 Feb 2022   author: Taratoo

Today, our ideas about the landscaping of the area surrounding the house have changed. Now the owner is trying to make more of a reasonable alternative, it is important to have a comfortable environment and aesthetically arranged space. In this case, he will inevitably need to face one of the indispensable attributes of site design - a garden path.

Paths in your garden
Paths in your garden

Cultural Approach

One way or another, paths are present in any landscape plot, regardless of its purpose and style. In some cases, it can act as a separate element of the decor, bringing a finishing touch to the whole picture of the site. But, in addition to aesthetic functions, the garden pathway bears a certain load. Despite the apparent simplicity, a correctly made path is a very complex engineering design.

Choice of Materials

In order to own a high-quality and beautiful pathway on your plot, you must fulfill two main conditions. First - this is to competently do all the preparatory work and conduct the masonry. And the second - is the quality of the material, which depends on the manufacturer.

Most often, for a small area near terraces and ponds, using fired bricks. Combining color combinations and masonry options, you can make a lot of patterns. Brick is quite popular also because they are much easier to lay than, for example, to do a gravel or macadam path. You just need to tamp the soil, pour a layer of sand and gravel and tamp it again. The foundation is ready. The cobblestone path also looks noble. The base for it is a layer of gravel and sand with clay. Cobblestone laid in the form of a pattern will be a good addition to the landscape.

Effectively look for paths made of chopped stone. In addition to decorative qualities, this paving is characterized by long life, will always be clean and dry. Stone is usually used for paths leading to the house. The appeal lies not only in the decorative qualities of stone but also in the pattern formed of different sized and textured pieces. Another option for a pathway solution is a concrete monolith. This pavement is durable, so it should be laid where it is possible to pass machinery. However, the monolithic path will be a great solution for the entire space of the territory, as its surface can be decorated in different ways. For example, to paint, make inclusions of pebbles, glass, etc.

Using Craft

But in most cases, if we are talking about the device of paths by masters, we mean paving with tiles. Now there are two options for the production of such a coating. Pressing. Walkways made of such tiles are distinguished by their roughness, and, accordingly, practicality. But recent trends indicate a change in the tastes of owners of country houses. They are increasingly choosing a less functional, smooth surface of the tiles, made by vibrocasting. It should be added that the cost of both variants of coating is approximately the same.

The technology of the paved pathway requires diligence. A layer of crushed stone is applied to the prepared soil; dornit is placed on top; then the cement-sand mixture. Only then it is the turn of the tiles. And how well the work was done, will show the first season of winter. With the arrival of rains and cold weather on a poorly prepared surface appear failures and "swellings".


Tile has all kinds of shapes, it can look like a keg, fan, coil, clover, trapezoid or dolphin. More and more often make a variant of patterned masonry, with the tiles making inserts of stones, glass, sea pebbles. In addition, we should not forget about the combined paths - they use several types of coating. In general, it can be summed up that the construction of paths - is more than "fashionable". Paved paths - it is reliable, functional and prestigious.

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