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How to Choose the Right Garden Furniture

10 Feb 2022   author: Bobber

It should be noted that every year the variety of market garden furniture increases at the expense of new products, both foreign and domestic production. Nevertheless, not many people know how to choose the right garden furniture. What are the main requirements of customers when buying this furniture?

Garden Furniture
Garden Furniture

Naturally, the primary requests are related to the aesthetic appearance of these products. Also, the weight of the garden furniture plays a very important role.

Well, most likely, the most basic requirement is the durability and endurance of the product. Since construction materials such as wood and rattan are suitable only for the use of furniture inside the house, it should be understood that adverse weather conditions can lead to its deterioration rather quickly.

Wicker furniture can be a great option for the cottage or country site. It is extremely graceful, beautiful and lightweight. In addition, it consists of environmentally friendly and natural materials. It should be noted that in the domestic realities, this furniture at all times compared to the relaxed and warm atmosphere of the countryside. It is garden furniture in most cases is associated with a country house and recreation.

At the moment there is quite a lot of a variety of models of garden furniture, combining not only fashionable design but also the old-fashioned identity. Modern wicker furniture of domestic production is often made of willow, which has different thicknesses. Such furniture is a true masterpiece and has a rather complicated design.

All products made of the aforementioned building material are conventionally divided into several types. The first type is considered the most simple in the production of the product, which consists of a frame and braiding it willow twigs (diameter, mostly not more than five millimeters). It should be noted that the twigs of such diameter are mainly used as a material for the production of baskets. Often, the maximum operating life of such garden furniture is one season.

The higher quality and preferred type of garden furniture are considered the one that involves a frame braided with thicker and sanded willow twigs. In addition, such furniture will look much better than the models mentioned above.

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