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How to Fight Odors in the Kitchen

17 Mar 2022   author: Taratoo

No kitchen is without odors, but they can be removed. Here are tips for removing odors:

  • ● The smell of food in the kitchen is removed if you boil water with vinegar in an open container and air it out. The smell will disappear if you add cumin to the food you are cooking. In addition, you can put a lemon peel on the hot burner, or sprinkle salt on the hot stove;
  • ● Dishes, after cooking fish, wipe with a slice of lemon or heated coarse salt;
  • ● To remove the odor from the cutlery rack, put a lemon slice or its rind;
  • ● The smell of onions from a cutting board can be eliminated by rubbing it with coffee grounds or lemon peel;
  • ● The smell of fish is removed from forks and spoons if rinsed in cold water, rubbed with oil and wiped with a soft towel;
  • ● If "runaway milk" is spilled on a hot stove in the kitchen, cover it with salt and wet paper;
  • ● The pot after washing continues to smell of fish or onions. It is necessary to boil coffee or tea in it. Or pour a solution of vinegar for a while. The smell will disappear;
  • ● You can get rid of the smell on a knife by burning it over a fire;
  • ● You can get rid of the smell in the microwave oven if you put a few lemon slices in there (not forgetting a glass of water) and heat for 5 minutes at maximum power;
  • ● One teaspoon of 3% vinegar per glass of water will get rid of the unpleasant smell;
  • ● The smell on the hands will disappear if you rub them with a lemon peel or salt;
  • ● A very hot solution of baking soda (if the pipes are not plastic) will help get rid of the sewer smell from the sink;
  • ● A grated head of garlic will get rid of the paint smell;
  • ● The smell of smoke will go away if you add vinegar to a bowl of water and place it overnight;

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By following all the tips, the kitchen will be free of unpleasant odors.

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