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How to Start Cleaning the House with Gusto

10 Feb 2022   author: Bobber

Take a new look at your tidying up habit. You can do a lot of things faster!

Not only is it possible to clean your house in less time, but the process can also become much more enjoyable. Remember the rule: everything you use when tidying up should be in very good condition. Every rag, mop, and bottle of household chemicals should be clean, nice, and new.

The most squeamish young lady will start cleaning without dislike, knowing that she will have nice and clean things in her hands.

Cleaning your home
Cleaning your home

Make a List

In order not to abandon the intention to do the cleaning because you ran out of descaler, take half an hour to make a "super hostess list". Draw a table in two columns. On the left, describe all the household chores you do. Opposite, list the tools and appliances you need to do them. Assess the contents of your pantry - how well-stocked is it? Maybe something is out of date and some items are missing? Now you know what you need to get first.

Step by Step

There's a simple way not to spend a lot of time cleaning. All you need to do is take a few minutes a day. For example, today you cleaned the bathroom, tomorrow the toilet, and the next day you polished the mirrors to a shine. The apartment will always be clean, and the weekend is not busy with general cleaning. In addition, you can not worry that the guests who arrived on Friday, will put you in an awkward position.

Stick to the Plan

This "batch" method is totally unsuitable for those who do not like to clean in principle, or are too busy on weekdays to clean the sink after work. Cleaning can be done "in one go," but remember: on the weekend people spend twice as much time on it than if they did the same thing on weekdays. If you are adamant and you wouldn't trade your bubble bath for a rag after a day at work, there are some saving tips for you, too. Make a minimum cleaning plan. Hang it in a prominent place, and every time, after you finish some business, cross out this item. One more thing. Don't turn on the TV and turn off the phones - without the distraction of Sunday shows and cell phone calls you'll get through the cleaning much faster!

Keeping the Bathroom and Toilet Clean

To spend the least amount of time cleaning, use the most effective products available. Not only will they clean dirty surfaces, but they will protect them from germs for good. Through the use of means Comet 24/7 CARE you can be sure that during the cleaning you will eliminate 99% of harmful microorganisms! The effectiveness of these products is confirmed by the research of the Russian Research Institute of Disinfectology and the Research Center of Household Chemistry. The uniqueness of these tools - in the properties of the polymers included in the new formula Comet. After you apply the remedy to the surface and after a while clean it with a cloth, polymers will stick to it, creating a protective layer that will protect the toilet and bathroom from dirt for a week. The scent of pine and citrus will make the cleaning process especially pleasant.

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