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Proper Use of Condiments

11 Feb 2022   author: Taratoo

Fragrant seeds, leaves, and flowers of plants are added to food as flavorings. These plant parts have a strong aroma that is transmitted to other foods that have little or no odor of their own.

Vanillin and fruit essences are synthetic flavorings. Spices also have a strong flavor and impart it to other foods. Flavorings, unlike spices, have no pungency or flavor, and their aroma is one-sided.

Sauces, spices and condiments
Sauces, spices and condiments

The aroma of spices is a mixture of different flavors. Food flavorings mainly improve the taste of dessert and sweet dishes. Spices improve the taste of fish, meat, mushrooms and vegetables. The most universal among them are onions and garlic. They are added to almost all dishes. Flavorings have light pure aromas of flowers, strawberries and vanilla. The fragrance of jasmine is present in flavored tea. Rose fragrance is used to flavor sherbets. Kisses and compotes have a strawberry flavor. Vanilla is added to improve the taste of cakes, biscuits and pastries.

In the production of refreshments and fruit drinks food flavorings are used, created artificially. These are so-called fruit essences. They are also used in the manufacture of caramel, candy, syrups. These are orange, pineapple, pear, banana, cherry, strawberry, raspberry, cranberry and apple essences.

Condiments are added to add a touch of sophistication to food. Spices such as cloves, pepper, cinnamon, garlic, cardamom, parsley and others do not belong to spices. Spices are plant-based products, have a pungent taste and have a bactericidal effect on food. Both flavorings and spices flavor food, enhance the flavor of food but do not change it. Spices act as preservatives, help the process of pickling, souring, pickling products. Also in cooking, to change the taste of products, use table salt, vinegar, baking soda, sugar, gelatin, starch. The common name for these products is spices. The result is that flavorings do not affect the taste of the food or its consistency, but only add their flavor to the food. The doses are minuscule. A variety of flavoring, pungent, bitter, or spicy flavors give food its spices. Spices give food a sweet, salty, or spicy taste. Spices can change the consistency of foods. Make it thicker or friable.

Spices, spices and flavorings are prepared foods. Spices need to be cooked. They have their own recipes for cooking and are culinary products in their own right. They are prepared by professional chefs. A large group of seasonings includes sauces. Condiments improve the quality of food and increase its aromatic and gustatory diversity. They are also indicators of the quality of taste of national dishes. They are also a kind of index of refinement and originality in cooking.

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