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The Benefits of Artificial Turf

11 Feb 2022   author: Taratoo

Many of us are accustomed to the fact that artificial turf is most often used on sports fields and consider it wrong to use it at their dacha. They are often greatly mistaken, every year artificial turf is becoming more and more popular.

It often happens that in some places where natural grass cannot be grown, they simply pave with concrete tiles. But artificial turf will look much more attractive, it won't burn in the sun and is easy to sweep and wash.

green artificial turf
green artificial turf

Benefits of Artificial Turf

The biggest advantage of artificial turf is that it is wear-resistant. It does not burn out in the sun, does not tear out, which means that you can easily play soccer on it all summer and do not worry about it. It does not need to be watered and mowed, and during the winter period, it can be filled with water and used as a skating rink. And be sure that nothing will happen to it.

Very good characteristics for games, no risk of injury, you can use different sports shoes for the game and the lawn will not be damaged. You can also choose a lawn for certain games because it varies in density and height of the pile.

Also, the lawn has such an important feature as water permeability. If it rains, for example, the water will not stay on the lawn but will go into the ground.

How to Maintain Artificial Turf?

In order for the artificial turf to last as long as possible and not be troublesome at all, it must be laid properly. To do this, you must first carefully treat the soil, smooth it out, clean it from debris and pebbles. If all this is neglected, the lawn will not look neat and can be damaged. It is also necessary to make a slight slope so that it does not hold and drain water. If it happens that water gets trapped, mold can form on the lawn and it can become slippery. To prevent this, a thorough cleaning every 8 weeks is necessary. When you use your lawn, you need to do routine maintenance, which requires minimal financial and labor costs. And periodically it should be thoroughly cleaned of debris.

We hope that after reading this article, you too will want to use a lawn on your property.

I have used this turf for years and it is a great thing. It lasts very well and resists rains and sun rays.

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