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Tips for Choosing a Fireplace

11 Feb 2022   author: Taratoo

Every day fireplaces are becoming more and more popular, and the demand for them is growing. Most of our compatriots face difficulties when choosing them and are looking for worthwhile advice on the matter. They want to know what types of fireplaces are available, how to properly place them in a room, and what their features are. What type of fireplace to choose? Wood-burning and electric fireplaces are considered the most popular.

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The source of heat, which will work on wood, is the best solution for spacious apartments and large houses. If you live in an apartment and want to install a marble wood-burning fireplace, you should first get a special permit.

And if you have given your preference to an electric fireplace, there are simpler requirements. In addition, they are much easier to use. In certain cases, there is simply no need to choose a fireplace because the living conditions only allow the installation of electric fireplaces. What size fireplace to choose? In the event that the room where the fireplace will be placed, meets all fire safety requirements, then you can use any type of this device, namely, built-in, wall-mounted or freestanding.

Built-in fireplaces are characterized by the fact that their installation is carried out during the construction of the house. If this is not done immediately, then in the future the installation will turn out to be very labor-intensive. Other types of fireplaces can be used in an already built house. If this device will be weighty and large, then this factor should be taken into account when organizing the foundation.

In recent years, stoves-fireplaces have become very popular. This device has a relatively low weight, so it can be used even in small rooms. Nevertheless, they can supply heat to a huge area of the house.

The purpose of a double-burner device. At the moment, almost every current fireplace has a double-burner system. This system can significantly increase the efficiency of the fireplace, namely, it divides the air stream that is sent from the room to the furnace chamber.

The first part takes a direct part in the combustion, while the second part is responsible for supplying additional oxygen, which ensures the deep combustion of the fuel. As a result, fireplaces become much more economical and their efficiency increases. Consequently, when choosing fireplaces, experts recommend paying attention to the presence of this system.

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